Author: Trevor Owens

Updated : Feb. 13, 2018. Over the last eight years, in over 300 posts and articles, Play the Past has come to be a rather fantastic project. It’s a great body of work.  I often find myself telling people that they need to read something from the blog on closeContinue Reading

The following is a position paper I developed for a panel discussion on games as tools for public history presentation and interpretation. I thought I would share it here for further discussion and comment. Panelists were asked to consider a series of questions, I’ve picked these two to serve as prompts for reflectingContinue Reading

There is a lot of interest in making educational games and history games are no exception. This post kicks off an occasional series of co-authored posts by myself and Marjee Chmiel. Marjee has extensive credentials as an educational game designer and educator. She developed an array of educational games forContinue Reading