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In my previous post, I discussed the iteration of CARDs and the development of CARD-tamen™ Rome. This week, I want to return to the failed gamification attempt with the original carta collectionis mechanic. Why was it a failure? I had believed originally that we tapped into something powerful – theContinue Reading

Even as Plato condemns the cave-culture game, he expects the philosophical reader to understand that they (Plato and the reader together) are at that moment engaged in a culture-game of their own—the game called Republic. In this post we’ll come to recognize that Republic features a next-gen graphics-engine and trulyContinue Reading

I stumbled upon this delightful image while browsing the web for some project of mine. It prompted me to start wondering just how much of the game frameworks we spend so much time in have impacted our worldview. Occasionally, I’ve thought of my own needs in terms of The SimsContinue Reading

Museums are increasingly turning toward alternate reality games (ARGs) as way to engage visitors and draw broader audiences to their collections. If you’re unfamiliar with the term ARG, Wikipedia’s entry provides an adequate working definition: “An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive narrative that uses the real world asContinue Reading

I hate the words gamification and crowdsourcing. They are demeaning. This is particularly problematic because I actually think the ideas behind these terms are transformative. I don’t like that they frame our activity in terms of commercial exploitation (of the two crowdsourcing is particularly problematic, gamification’s sins are much moreContinue Reading

Gamification is all the rage. Operation Lapis show us what full-blown gamification can look like in the classroom; but if you’re not ready for that, there are other things you can do to introduce playful approaches to your teaching. I find myself teaching ‘The Historian’s Craft’ this term. There areContinue Reading

Jeremy Antley Jeremy Antley holds a PhD in Russian History from the University of Kansas and currently resides in Portland, Oregon. His most recent work on games and culture can be found at Real Life and First Person Scholar. Kevin Ballestrini Kevin Ballestrini teaches Latin and Mythology at the NorwichContinue Reading