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The following is a guest post from Angela Cox, a graduate student in English at the University of Arkansas. You can follow her on twitter at @KQscholar. She previously wrote for Play the Past on Space Quest. The very title of the Age of Empires series invites postcolonial readings. Reading real-time strategy (RTS)Continue Reading

Mark Sample recently posted a short talk he gave at the 2011 MLA, called “Criminal Code: The Procedural Logic of Crime in Videogames.” There is a lot in this little talk that’s worth reading. (I applaud Mark’s call for humanists to do close readings of code,  something we tried toContinue Reading

For years, researchers have discussed the educational potential of digital games within learning environments (either formal or informal).  It’s only relatively recently that those discussions have started to bear fruit in the form of robust serious game development and (more importantly) published research.   The problem (at least from the perspectiveContinue Reading