We’ve got a lot of great scholarship here on Play the Past. I’m continually astounded by these authors – their insights, their wit, and their ability to surprise and delight. I’m confident that what we’re doing here on Play the Past is making a difference in the scholarship of games (however defined), play (loosely defined), and history/archaeology/cultural heritage/anything concerned with the past (ish).

We cover a lot of territory.

In the interest of making something tangible in the off-line world, I’ve been experimenting with Pressbooks. I’ve examined our page views, our shares, the pingbacks, the links and the citations, and I’ve put together a volume of some of the most thought-provoking pieces from the last three years (you’ll notice that none of my stuff made the cut ;).

I might create a bound version; but in the meantime, please enjoy Play the Past: Redux in pdf, epub, and mobi.

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