Author: Jeff Mummert

        The first time I saw the preview trailer for LUFTRAUSERS, I thought of Nazis. Gothic font, banner with white spot and black symbol. Skull. Sepia motion picture animation. Video game makers adopt a specific set of visual references and use them as a way to helpContinue Reading

There has been a recent blooming of games that place players in narrative-free survival situations (often called “survival sandboxes”). There’s something about the thrill of living when you should be dying. Often, much about these games are taboo in the classroom- hopeless violence, unacceptable language. But games can be studiedContinue Reading

I’m often asked by colleagues who know my interest in games in education to suggest a game students can play that will teach them some particular set of knowledge or skills. “Do you know any iPad games that can teach quadratic equations?,” or “Has anyone made a game about conjugatingContinue Reading