Path of Honors Update

As I noted in my last post Meaningful Choices – (Twine Developer Diary) – Part 3, I have been working on developing my own Twine interactive history alongside the projects my students are designing. With the winter vacation, I’m hoping to post an update on the student projects and another analysis of topics brought up by the project I am developing, Path of Honors. I have released an update of the text–which is still, I have to note, in a very early rough stage.  The final text is probably several years off at this stage as it keeps growing. As a reminder, the Twine is about a young Roman aristocrat hoping to climb the cursus honorum the “course of honors,” in the Republic. The game stops short after trying to be elected aedile, the common first step in the Roman office ladder. There are a number of drop-offs, but enough to play and see some of what I’m playing with.  At the moment, the plan is to go into the advocacy section next and develop that. But I also have a book in progress, so we’ll see.

I am interested in developing this text along some parallel tracks. The first is as an example of a historical interactive text. To that end I have included a number of footnotes and aimed to create a text that is, while imaginative, historically authentic. The other is to create a text that could be used for students studying this topic. It’s an experiment; I’d be most pleased to know what you think.  You can reach me here, on Twitter (, or at

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