Announcements and Invitations

Aug 30, 11 Announcements and Invitations

For many of us, the semester has started (or is starting imminently).  Students are flooding back to campus, syllabi have been finalized, first classes are on the horizon, and first official type meetings have been scheduled (or, if you are like me, they’ve never really relented over the summer).  A sense of renewal and new beginning is in the late summer (or is it early fall) air.

In the spirit of this, it is the perfect time to offer up a few choice Play the Past announcements and invitations:

  • We (as always) welcome submission of articles from guest authors.  If you have an idea for an article that explores games (broadly defined) and cultural heritage, we would absolutely love to hear from you.  Submissions are welcome from all of Play the Past’s rather broad array of constituents: scholars (at any type of educational institution and at any level), students (grad or undergrad), librarians, archivists, museum types, and game designers.  Interested?  If so, just drop a message via our Contact Form, and we’ll have a conversation.
  • In the past year, many of our authors have discussed and explored various game projects (Mark Sample’s Documentary Evidence and Playable Space in Drama in the Delta article being one example).  While we’ve never had a moratorium on “reviewing” games, we’ve never really officially invited the submission of games for “review.”   With this post, that changes.  I would like to officially invite people from the community with cultural heritage game projects (either nearing completion or complete) to submit them for thoughtful discussion and exploration (such a better phrase than “review”).  Let me repeat that: “thoughtful discussion and exploration.” We aren’t interested in reviewing games (in the traditional sense).  As such, we aren’t guaranteeing that everything that is sent to us will merit discussion on Play the Past.  Yes, we will pick and choose. Ultimately, our goal is to shed light on and explore meaningful and exciting projects.  So, if you are working on (or have completed) a cultural heritage related game project, drop us a line via our Contact Form, and we’ll have a conversation.

And, as always, keep reading and commenting!

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